Monetize Your YouTube Videos

We will help you monetize your videos without adsense, no matter how many subscribers you have. We supply you with affiliate offers from advertisers that are related to your channels content! You get paid per lead, and we pay you weekly!

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How it Works

Once you signup, we will review your channel to make sure it meets our quality standards. As long as you produce good quality videos, it doesn't matter how many subscribers or views you have, thats all we care about. You will then get access to a list of products and services to promote.

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We're a Marketing Company

How can you earn money when you may not have many views or subscribers?

  • Paid Advertising

    We run paid advertising campaigns on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic to your videos to increase awareness and sales.

  • SEO

    We're good at search engine optimisation. We'll help get the videos ranked well in search results, which will drive more views, and ultimately more new subscribers for you.

  • A Win Win for Both of us!

    You get for leads you generate, you get free subscribers, you get to grow your channel. We drive paid traffic to your videos, we get them ranked high and we collect the sales revenue.